Wilson D9 Women’s Irons Review

Katie Dawkins tests the Wilson D9 iron for ladies to see if it provides the performance female golfers are looking for

Wilson Women's D9 Iron Review
(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)
Golf Monthly Verdict

A really great set that is not only pleasing on the eye but gives your iron play a boost in the distance and forgiveness departments. Easy to launch and the soft, tacky grips enhance the feel.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Visually attractive

  • +

    Forgiving, enjoyable to hit

  • +

    Soft grips reduce tension

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    High flight struggled hitting into the wind

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Wilson Women's D9 Iron Review

Wilson has long been viewed as a leader in affordable clubs for game improvers and especially those new to golf. It’s a bastion within the industry and I along with a big percentage of golfers have owned a set of Wilson golf clubs

When I hit the ladies D9 irons on the range I was really blown away with how far they went, not just the shots from the centre of the face but those ever so slight mishits also performed well. Forgiveness on a stick, much like on the men's D9 iron. Out on the course, specifically the par 3s, I confess to air mailing a green or two - such is the way the ball jumps off the face. It was super windy and I did have a good go at keeping it under the breeze, but the ball really loved getting up in the air which may prove tricky on a gusty links.

These irons are serious confidence boosters

(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

The lower centre of gravity will really appeal to the higher handicapper, especially those that swing the club a little slower than most. The distance achieved was impressive but the best part for me is how well the iron sits behind the ball. It instills confidence yet has the look of a mid-handicapper club

The lower centre of gravity really gets the ball airborne with ease

(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

I have always adored Wilson grips, as someone who suffers with mild arthritis they offer superb cushioning. Meaning I didn’t need to squeeze too hard, which keeps tension low and allows me to swing freely with extra speed. A huge bonus and from my experience, very appealing to the older female golfer that wants their grips to be as soft as possible.

Extra squishy grips have always been a Wilson trade mark

(Image credit: Katie Dawkins)

From a visual perspective, the color choice isn’t too feminine so a junior would feel comfortable using it out on the course as it’s fairly gender neutral. But I think lady golfers will really gravitate towards this clubs because of how it looks, and will then be sold when they hit a few shots with it. My overriding takeaway was that approach shots fly high and far - once you get the distances dialled in, the consistency you'll achieve from poor swings is sure to get you out of trouble. All this comes in a price point that works out to approximately £99 per iron, which is compelling value for money. 

Katie Dawkins
Advanced PGA Professional and freelance contributor

Katie is an Advanced PGA professional with over 20 years of coaching experience. She helps golfers of every age and ability to be the best versions of themselves. In January 2022 she was named as one of Golf Monthly's Top 50 Coaches.

Katie coaches the individual and uses her vast experience in technique, psychology and golf fitness to fix problems in a logical manner that is effective - she makes golf simple. Katie is now based at the stunning Hamptworth Golf Club on the edge of the New Forest. An experienced club coach, she developed GardenGOLF during lockdown and as well as coaching at Hamptworth she freelances, operating via pop-up clinics and travelling to clients homes to help them use their space to improve. 

She has coached tour pros on both LET tour and the Challenge Tour as well as introduced many a beginner to the game. 

Katie has been writing instructional content for magazines for 20 years. Her creative approach to writing is fuelled by her sideline as an artist.