Driving Tips

Learn how to improve your driving with tips, tutorials and coaching, including detailed guides and video walkthroughs.

As a golf fan, one of the greatest things you can witness is a player like Rory McIlroy smashing a 350-yard drive that flies straight and true. While it is true that Rory has certain unique moves that allow him to generate this power, there are some fundamentals to driving that we all need to learn.

In this section, we have collated advice from the Top 25 Coaches in the UK to help you with your set up, your body rotation, the resistance between your upper and lower body, the release, as well as a host of other key technical elements. This will help you hit consistently longer, straighter drives.

We have also put together tips on fixing the slice, curing a hook and a host of other faults that naturally creep in from time-to-time. Driving the golf ball long and straight is one of the most enjoyable elements to good golf. With that in mind, let the Golf Monthly Top 25 coaches and world’s best players show you how it’s done.