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No clubs, no shoes, no glove: Korn Ferry Tour pro narrowly makes tee time after flying 1,000 miles

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We've all been there. You're running late for your tee time, and you're scurrying to make it on time without being scolded by your municipal course's crabby ranger.

Now, imagine being tardy for a Korn Ferry Tour start while also being fresh off a plane – without your clubs. 

Well, James Nicholas doesn't have to imagine, because that was his reality on Thursday.

On May 13, Nicholas was the AdventHealth Championship's 18th alternate. But just five days later, on Wednesday, he received a late-night call that he was now the first alternate for the event in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Over 1,000 miles away in Westchester County, New York, and unsure whether he'd even get the chance to play, Nicholas scrambled to find the first flight he could.

"Why would I go when I know it will take a miracle for me to get in?" Nicholas shared on Instagram. "Because it's my job, and I'll do anything for just a chance."

He was then notified that he got the field's final spot on Thursday at 9:52 a.m, but getting in was half the battle.

With time already not on his side, his flight was delayed 90 minutes, to make matters worse. Once he touched down in the midwest, there was no time to wait for his equipment at the baggage carousel if he wanted to make his afternoon tee time.

Nicholas arrived at Blue Hills Country Club empty-handed, jogging to the first tee with just minutes to spare. However, he didn't encounter any grumpy club employees. The head club pro lent Nicholas his clubs, and he was provided with shoes, a glove and everything else the former Yale star needed for his second KFT start of 2022. 

Nicholas went on to shoot an opening 4-over 76 and sits T-135 after Round 1. However, after all that, just making it to his Thursday tee time should feel like a win.