"Andy, The magazine looks great - you've done a good job. Concise and to the point... Regards, Mel"

Mel Sole has 30 years experience teaching golf and is co-founder of Ritson-Sole Golf Schools, USA


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If you enjoy reading Golfing Weekly, we would like to ask for your help in spreading the word to other golfers. In 2 or 3 weeks time we are going to run a free draw for all readers. All that will be required to enter is to let us know where they heard about Golfing Weekly. Not only will a handful of lucky winners be drawn from all the entries but there will also be prizes for the top 3 readers who introduced the most people.

There are lots of ways you could let people know about the magazine.

  • If you are a member of a Golf Club or Society you could ask the club secretary if it would be OK to put a small flier on the notice board. Click Here to see one which we have prepared ready to be printed out. Write and tell us where you posted the flier so we know who to credit as the introducer for the competition.
  • There are two ways to subscribe. Firstly, by visiting www.golfing-weekly.com and filling in your name and e-mail address or alternatively, anyone can sign up by sending a blank e-mail to subscribe@golfing-weekly.com. Send an e-mail to all the golfers you know who are on the Internet and let them know how easy it is to get their copy.
  • If you have a website, you could put up a link to this website. If you want a graphic, click here for a couple we have used successfully on other sites, or just create a text link.
  • If you run a golf-related newsletter, you could add a couple of lines to the bottom. Let us know when you send it out and sometime in the future when we have lots of readers, we'll be happy to return the compliment.

We do everything we can to bring you the best golf content every week, completely free of charge. Thank you for taking the time to help us increase our readership. It feels great to know that our efforts are appreciated.

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