"Andy, The magazine looks great - you've done a good job. Concise and to the point... Regards, Mel"

Mel Sole has 30 years experience teaching golf and is co-founder of Ritson-Sole Golf Schools, USA



Advertising Policy

Note to Golf-related Website Owners:

We do not accept paid advertising in the magazine. We feel that if our readers wanted to read a golfing magazine which is 80-90% advertising they can buy one from their local news stand or newsagent. We may, from time to time during the FREE TRIAL PERIOD, send an occasional extra e-mail if we come across an offer which we feel would be of interest to our readers. That is why we ask where they live, as certain promotions are only available in specific geographical regions.

We display a limited amount of advertising on the website, for companies or products which we feel offer exceptional value to our readers. This only occurs if we have thoroughly vetted the supplier or have personally used their products with satisfactory results and service.

We are compensated by some of these suppliers when our subscribers visit or purchase from their websites. Many others do not compensate us at all but we are happy to make our readers aware of the quality information, services or products which they supply.

We believe that our readers are like our friends and regardless of the amount of money we are offered we would not recommend our friends visit or purchase from a website which we do not believe in ourselves. If we did, they wouldn't stay our friends for very long, would they?

If you have a website which you feel we could be confidently recommending to our readers, you may contact us to arrange for us to review it. If you are running a promotion that offers exceptional value and you would like to present it to our readers by e-mail, please write to promotions@golfing-weekly.com.   Thankyou.

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